Monday, May 2, 2016

April Playlist: 30 day song challenge

I have recently completed the 30 day song challenge on my facebook page and would love to share these songs with you guys. 

My 30 day song challenge
Day 1: My favorite song "Wannabe - Spice Girls"
Day 2: My least favorite song "Imagine - John Lennon"
Day 3: Song that makes you happy "Inner Child - Greg Alexander"
Day 4: Song that makes you sad "When She Loved Me - Sarah McLachlan"
Day 5: song that reminds me of someone "I'll try anything once - The strokes"
Day 6: song that reminds me of somewhere "Flashback - Calvin Harris"
Day 7: song that reminds you of certain event "Love Like A Sunset - Phoenix"
Day 8: song that I know all the words to "Good Night"
Day 9: song that i can dance to "Get your freak on - Missy Elliott"
Day 10: song that makes me fall asleep "Home - Michael Buble"
Day 11: song from my favourite band "Doin' it right - Daft Punk"
Day 12: band that I hate "What makes you beautiful - One Direction"
Day 13: song that is guilty pleasure "Making it - David Naughton
Day 14: song that no one expect me to love . "X gon' give it to ya - DMX"
Day 15: song that describes me "You gotta be - Des' ree"
Day 16: song i used to love but now hate. "Eternal Flame - The Bangles"
Day 17: song that i hear often on radio. "Hotline Bling - Drake"
Day 18: song i wish i heard on the radio "It's not over - Panama"
Day 19: song from my favorite album "P.Y.T (Thriller) - Micheal Jackson"
Day 20: song that i listen to when i'm angry "Crazy - Seal"
Day 21: Song that you listen to when you‘re happy “1612 - Vulfpeck
Day 22: A song that I listen when i’m sad "Let Go - Frou Frou"
Day 23: Song that you want to play on your wedding “Maestro - Hans Zimmer
 Day 24 Song that you want to play at your funeral “Hoppípolla - Sigus Ros
Day 25: A Song that makes me laugh "More than word - Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon"
Day 26: A song that you could play on instrument "None"
Day 27: A song that i wish i could play "Nujabes - Horizon"
 Day 28 : A song that makes me feel guilty "Earth Song - Michael Jackson"
Day 29 : a song from my childhood "I want you back - The Jackson 5"
Day 30 : my favorite song at this time last year "Coffee in the morning - Miguel"

If you've completed this 30 day song challenge, feel free to share your list in the comment. It's always good to discover new music.



  1. Uh, Get Your Freak On is a great song to dance to and get freaky :D

  2. Great songs, love them all!

  3. Love that your favorite song is Wanna be! hahaha! I love it too


  4. Thanks for sharing! Great post!

    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. There are so many great songs in you list! Love this challenge idea!


  6. I really like the X gon' give it to ya by DMX as well :)

  7. excellent playlist
    keep up the good work