Monday, October 19, 2015

NYC Diary Part III: DVF SS16 Runway Report

After a morning walk in central park. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for DVF fashion show. Yes, it's time for me to work and I got to spring studio early to welcome local press and guests who coming to the show
I was truly happy that I can wear something light and comfy this time since the weather was so much better than last February (There's a snow strom). I was donning this DVF weightless boho dress. What better way to accessorize the boho chic look, than a nice fringe bag and stacking jewelry. My choices are gold tone rings, bangles, necklaces, and choker to add an edge of individuality and luxe vibe.

Outfit details:
 I bought my twin sister along as she also into fashion and really want to experience the cool vibes of New York fashion week. I can tell she's enjoying every bit of it!
I mean no offense but some of New York street style photographers are very demanding. These guys are totally diffrent from other street style photographers I've ever experienced. They will direct you to do this and do that to the point that I felt as if I was in the middle of editorial shoot which is a little uncomfortable, since it takes longer than I thought and I didn't have much time. So I was like I am so sorry guys, I really need to go I am sure you've got loads of great pictures...
The atmosphere outside Spring studio just before the show starts. 

Inspiration: The collection is inspired by the painting of ancient roman godess of luck "Fortuna". DVF said it's a celebration of women, nature, beauty, freedom, and individuality. 

Hair and makeup: "70s tropical beauty". Models walking down the runway wearing blue and green eye makeup and big waves with fresh flower in their hair.
Clothes: Highlights from the collection include floral patchwork dresses in different lengths. Also, suit seperate numbers including printed blazers, leather jacket, long pants and shorts. These pieces are chic, wearable and perfect for everyday wear.

 Knowing that some of the images quality are not the best, but I just want you to see the actual vibes from the real runway. It's so lively and fun!
 Khun Chompoo Araya A. Hargate & Khun Momay attending DVF Spring 2016 Fashion show
After the show party at DVF Studio
My 6 favourite DVF SS16  Runway looks
A sneak peek at DVF SS16 Ready-to-Wear and Accessories

Secret Agent mini tote bag
 Stay tuned for tons of New York trip posts! 
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  1. Un look cómodo y estiloso para la ocasión! Seguro que lo pasasteis genial. Los desfiles son maravillosos. Un beso y feliz semana

  2. Un look cómodo y estiloso para la ocasión! Seguro que lo pasasteis genial. Los desfiles son maravillosos. Un beso y feliz semana

  3. I love your dress so so much!! It is perfect!

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