Saturday, December 5, 2015

NYC Diary IV: Moma

Museum of Modern Art
Address:11 W 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019
Operating hours: Daily 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM and Friday 10.30 AM - 8 PM
Nearest station: E line to 5th Avenue station. It will take less than 1 minute from the station to Moma.
Sculpture Garden

"Salt Shaker" 1931. Stuart Davis
"Broadway Boogie Woogie" 1942-43. Piet Mondrian
"Around the Fish" 1926. Paul Klee
"Three Musicians" 1912. Pablo Picasso
Comic Wedlock 1914. Franscis Picabia

"A Rope Dancer Accompanies Her With Her Shadow" 1916. Man Ray
"Adele Bloch-Bauer II" Gustav Klimt, 1912
"Hope II" Gustav Klimt, 1907-08 
 "The Starry Night" 1889Vincent van Gogh
 "Portrait of Joseph Roulin" 1889. Vincent van Gogh  
"The Seed of the Areoi" 1892. Paul Gauguin

Andy Warhol
B’ Style Voyage

Friday, November 27, 2015

NYC Diary VIII: Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn known for its vibrant art culture, music, vintage shops, restaurants and nightlife. It's also a home to many artists and a meeting spot for stylish people. I will be showing you how I spent 4 hours in Williamsburg. It's just a short time but I did had a wonderful time exploring the area. You will be seeing images of some of the really cool places I've visited and different types of graffiti I found in every corners. 
Abandoned industrial sites turned into studios, art galleries
Bushwick Inlet Park 
Address: North 10th St & Kent, New York, NY 11211 
Subway: Bedford Ave (L) or Nassau (G)
A multi-sport field
View of Manhattan from Bushwick Inlet park
Rough Trade Brooklyn. 
Address: 64 N 9th Street WilliamsburgNY 11249
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday 11 am -11 pm and Sunday 11 am - 9 pm
A music retail from Brick Lane London
Intimate live music venue
Cafe & bar
Photo booth
There's a pingpong table on the 2nd floor (free of charge)
Offers CDs and Vinyls in multiple genres (not a vintage vinyl records) 
Many listening stations just like Tower Records
Great industrial vibe
A cool and fun spot for music fans to hang around all day
The Ides a rooftop bar at WYTHE HOTEL
Address: 80 Wythe Ave, Brookyln, NY 11249
Subway: It takes approximately 7 minutes walk from Bedford Ave (L) subway stop to Whtye hotel
Operating hours: Mon-Fri open at 4 PM and Saturday-Sunday open at 2 PM
Nice and friendly staff
Great Service
Homemade chips with onion dip is a MUST!
Indoor & Outdoor areas (Outdoor is better)
Stunning view of Manhattan and Brooklyn
Perfect place to hangout and have a drinks with friends
Nice crowd, great music, and cool vibe
Another great place in New York to watch the sunset
Amazing weather in September
The Ides indoor area 

Outdoor atmosphere
Homemade potato chips is dope!
Industrial view of Brooklyn 
View of Manhattan from the rooftop just before sunset
Colorful murals along the street
Dobbin Street and Norman Avenue
There're still many things to see and do in this so-called "hipster hub".