Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Style I Adore: Red Carpet Golden Globe Awards 2013

The highly anticipated films awards season is here! I am big movies fan and the award ceremonies. I have been watching many award ceremonies since I was young. And red carpet is one of the best part about it! I just enjoy seeing celebrities grace the red carpet in super stunning gowns before awards ceremony began. Yesterday, it was the Golden Globes! Check out my list of best red carpet looks from last night.

Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta
Talking about beauty, Jessica Alba always look so lovely on every red carpet. How about Jess in this pop of colour gown? I gave her 2 thumbs up!! I love that she wore a side-swept classic wavy hairstyle and the white sparkle diamonds around her neck. She looks lovely and Classic at the same time!! Not to mention her orange-red lip which looks so good with this coral Oscar de la Renta gown. The structure of the gown really enhance her body shape and the coral colour really compliment her honey skin tone!

Emily Blunt in Micheal Kors
I absolutely adore this style of Emily Blunt! She looked glowing in the embroider gold gown with the side cut out which fits her body and skin colour perfectly. I have to say, everything works so well together, the colour of the gown, the earrings, the make up, and her simply gorgeous bun!

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu
 Kerry Washington is one of the star who always look fashionable on the red carpet. I can tell that she has a really good sense of fashion and I just have so much love for her light sparkle miu miu dress! I even want to have it for myself (if only I have that much money lol) Kerry did look ravishing in the dress. However, I do not think it flatter her figure. I do think this dress would  be a sheer perfect on people who have very slim and tall body shape.

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen

Kate wowed in her high neckline with the front keyhole cut out and the gold embroidery Alexander McQueen gown. It suited her body perfectly. I love that she look amazing, elegant, and sexy but not to sexy! The only problem I have with this look is her hair. I would have loved to see Kate pull her hair up. Especially when she has the delicate eye-catching embroidery around her neckline that the world needs to see! With that she would have gotten a perfect score on yesterday red carpet!

Guliana Rancic in Celia Kritharioti

We have seen some of the beautiful looks from the red carpet. Now let's see which celebs landing a spot on my worst dressed list. Hands down! It's Guliana Rancic (E! and fashion Police host). She turned up on the red carpet in this odd looking Celia Kritharioti dress (weird and not in a good way). I mean what was that?!  Everything was all wrong! The whole thing was a bit over the top, the super high neck line and whatever she's putting on her hair. As for me, it was her worst red carpet dress ever! I love Guliana but this gothic grandmom look of her is a disaster! Can someone call the fashion police?!

Let me know if you agree with my best and worst dressed list?

Images, Getty, celebutopia, justjared

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