Sunday, July 3, 2016

July's Playlist "Sing Street" Soundtrack

I love 80s music and often listen to it when I am driving. Last Friday, I was watching "Sing Street" Irish musical film by "John Carney", the director of Once and Begin Again. I have to say it a Must see movie of the year! A simple young love story-line we can all relate to. It's an optimistic feel-good movie, will surely put a smile on your face, make you laugh and cry. The film teaches everyone to always find the happiness in sadness. Perfect for all generation especially for young people to not afraid to think big and go after their passion, learn and create their own life and be the person they want to be.
Sing Street will leave you singing these great soundtracks for weeks! Try listen to these music and you might find yourself falling in love with the sounds of the 80s once again.

Great sound tracks really help make a better movie!
Have a great day.




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  4. Great playlist....Music often helps me to feel better.

  5. Nice playlist. xoxo