Monday, January 4, 2016

Wonderfruit Festival 2015

Wonderfruit 2015--A 4 days music and lifestyle Festival is back for the second year after its first debut in 2014. Personally speaking, I thought of not going to Wonderfruit this time just because the only artist that I want see live performance is Rhye. Alsothe line-up was not as good as the first year. I am talking about the unforgettable performances of Woodkid, Little Dragon, De La Soul, and Jose Gonzalez in 2014. Having these international artists together in 1 event is like a dream!
I never thought that we would have this kind of event in Thailand. Though I was complaining a lot about the musical line-up, my friends and I ended up going there for the 2nd time in a row and I am happy to say we were not disappointed at all. In fact we really enjoyed ourselves and had a real great time. 

Why Wonderfruit is worth a visit? It offers variety of interesting activities for everyone. Music, arts installation, adventure activities, food, festival fashion & accessories, special performances, craft & workshops, make-up, play ground for kids...You name it, they have it. Definitely the place to get inspired as it full of life and color! The only thing that annoyed pretty much everyone was the dirty dust in the air that my friends and I got sick after spending long hours for 3 days at Wonderfruit. Hence, for the festival to truly become "eco-friendly"they would have to work hard on growing more grass to have more green spaces in order to really reduce air pollution, improve mental and physical health. Apart from that most of the things have been improved. Especially the sound system which is a lot better than last year! So well done Wonderfruit!

Eye-catching Marimekko Post Office
Sending these lovely Marimekko printed post cards to my beloved family and friends.
Living Stage (Main Stage) by Joel Dean Stockdill
Molam Bus by Jim Thomson Art Center
Solar Stage
Soi Stage by Issue X Bang Bang
Leave it to Wonder Salon to get you festive ready!
Funky Sunglasses
Cool head pieces available at Wonder Salon
Having my face painted with glitter and butterfly!
Wonder Salon After dark
 Tie Dye workshop
The Pavilion by Duangrit Bunnag and the Moonlander by Liam Morgan
Relaxing area full of colors! Love it a lot!
 Many interesting workshops have been held at Sharing Neighbourhood by SC Asset

We're free like a birds!
Taste of wonder offers a great selection of outrageous boho pieces that will make you look stylish in no time!
Moontaste soup is delightedly delicious!
 Into the wind by Witaya Junma
Cool kids party at Camp Wonder
 Swing dancing at Forbidden Fruit
Blossom Poetica by Aligna
Ride with me?
Though I prefer last year line-up. There're several impressive performances. My favourite act was none other than Rhye. Milosh's soft soulful tone has us all swooning with joy. Besides, Submotion Orchestra, Harts and even local musicians like Pongsit Kumpee, Greasy Cafe, and Animal Machine were pretty awesome too! Here are some live performances that I've recorded. The quality of the videos is not the best but I just want to show you the great vibes!

Just can't ignore Harts' energetic performance and his insane guitar solo
Everyone's dancing to dope Electronic Drum 'n' Bass sounds of  Animal Machine

Jon Hopkins with full steam Laser light show
 Another heartfelt performance by Greasy Cafe
 Pongsit Kumpee got the crowds singing along to every song.
  Rhye has us swooning with joy
 Karsh Kale's incredible light and sound drew me to Soi Stage
 Art installation in the middle of meadow. It reminds me of Hershey's kisses!
Things get heated up at The Quarry after midnigt. You can party till dawn!
 Wonderfruit's outfit recap is coming up next.
 Have a very Happy New Year everyone!

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  5. Wow this looks and sounds like such an amazing festival, I would love to go one day! Really love how they've designed everything, the main stage looks so cool! You've got me all excited for festival season now :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

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  7. Super nice and colorful festival!
    Hope you had a wonderful beginning of 2016


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