Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Work My Blog My Passion

I started blogging at the age of 24 to build my own path in getting myself into fashion industry.Though blogging is what I usually do in my free time. It has become a big part of my life. "My Passionate Weekly Routine". I am not gonna lie sometimes I find it's difficult to keep my blog updated while I have been so committed to my full time job. Nevertheless both full time job and blogging are equally important to me. They are what I called my "Passion"<3   I am so glad that I knew what is my passion and believe that if only I stay focus, and don't give up on what I love the most. One day, I will be able to get a job with a fashion company. Right now, I am very happy and feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love and love what I do!

Speaking of which, I've never really had a chance to write about my full time job and what I've gone through before AT Luxury Group has accepted me for the position of assistant marketing manager for DVF (Thailand). Truthfully, It's a long bumpy journey! Many people don't get me. They think I am crazy turning down all the job offers that are unrelated to fashion. It's been tough have no job for half year just because I have a clear direction that I will only apply for a fashion related job. I sent my resume to many fashion companies and even called many of them, if I can walk in or go for an interview as I want to do what I love so badly! but most of the results are always "the position is not available at the moment" or "do you have any connection at all?" Even most of them said so I stilll continue sending my resume, in case it might have caught their eyes and they might want to contact me back!!!....Again nothing really happened. I have reached the point that I really didn't know what I should do with my life!! I seriously felt as if this industry is so superficial that didn't give a damn about highly passionate people with strong determination which I personally think are the two most important things! It seems like all they care about is "CONNECTION", no offense! It's obviously an important factor but only connection without passion and ability to work??! Really??!  

With these negative feelings running through my head, I almost have given up on my passion. But suddenly I felt like I need to keep pushing even harder so I held my head up high and keep sending my resume to every fashion companies that I have their direct admin emails. Believe it or not the next day, I got a call from AT Luxury Group Thailand based fashion company that imported multiples worldwide leading brands such as DVFJack Spade, and Kate Spade. They wanted me to me to go for an interview for the position of DVF Assistant Marketing Manager. I literally couldn't believe what I hear, I was so super overwhelmed!! Inside I was screaming with joy ! I was like yes! yes! Finally! Things really happen for a reason!

I went for an interview which I remember how the CEO told me that I was a bit under age and only have 1 year working experience but he did believe that I was very passionate and have potential to do this job. He didn't want to shut down my opportunity, so he gave me a chance to come for a second round interview which I have to come up and present a full marketing plan for the brand. I felt so blessed that I get a second chance to prove that I can really do this! I immediately went back home and do as much research as I can about the brand and its competitors, both in-store and online. Then started planing a 12 months marketing plan for DVF. I can say I have putted more than 100% effort on this presentation with only one thing in mind "I Must Get This Job"

2 weeks later, I went to my second round interview. I was super nervous! My whole life is on the line, I don't wanna go back to nothing, no job, no money, so I just went all out...Yes, I did my best! As soon as my presentation ended, the CEO said "You're hired" I didn't expect to get an immediate result! I was like OMG! Really?! I was super happy that he believed in my ability and let me be a part of the company! I felt like I am on the top of the world! Super proud of myself! like nothing can ruin the happiest day of my life! 

It's been almost 5 months since I started working as an assistant marketing manager for DVF (Thailand). It's challenging and tough! But I really enjoyed working here as I get to learn and do so many things. And most importantly, it's what I love to do!

The below are some of the pictures that have been taken back in 29 August 2013. A press preview fall 2013 collection of AT Luxury Group. This event was so important as it my first time ever to do a proper public speaking in front of the real public and gave a TV interview. In the end, it went pretty well and everyone was happy! 

Lovely catering
Key Looks From DVF Fall 2013
T72 Combo Print Silk Jersey Wrap
Metallic Jacket/ Jezebel Leopard Print Tie Blouse/Mary Leopard Print Pants
Helina Velvet Dress and Velvet Pants
DVF Fall'13 Accessories Table
 Me on duty!
Me in Raelin Leopard Print Fit And Flare Dress
 My favourite Fashion Director Khun Pop Kampol (L'officiel Thailand)
My lovely colleaguez P'Poom (PR Manager) and P'Guitar (Brand Manager Pandora/Philip Stein)

Lastly, "Never ever give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplished it. The time will past anyway." Earl Nighthingale

Images: Hisoparty, Thaicatwalk

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  1. You look stunning hun, this dress is a beautiful piece, all the looks are very voguish!

  2. so nice! you look great dear. :)

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  3. Wow, really amazing brend nad so nice outfits. Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? Have a nice day.

  4. the bags are fab

    Lots of Love

  5. gorgeous dress
    you look awesome
    beautiful pictures
    love Vikee

  6. you look so pretty! what a great job you have done!
    anyway, just do what you love to do and thats what matters <3
    best of luck!

    btw, follow you on gfc :3
    Little Miss Olen.

  7. You be doing an awesome job blogging great event to be a part of.

  8. You are so stunning and congratulations on everything that you have achieved!! You have so much to be proud of :)

    Much love,!

  9. omg congrats girl, this new job sounds amazing for you!!
    and i just love these photos, you look stunning as always!


    ♥ Ellen
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  10. another stunning look! xoxo

  11. your living my dream right now! haha congratulations, and thank you for keeping me motivated, can I ask what previous jobs you have before landing the marketing role within fashion? :) x

    1. Hi Eleanor! Thank u. Before this I was working as a PR coordinator for a fashion e-commerce company! Just keep doing what you love and u will be a person u want to be one day!


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  13. I am very happy that finally you've gotta do thing you love :) <3

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  16. wow you look so amazing! what a stunning dress :)

  17. you look so so lovely <3 it seems like amazing event!

  18. Love your blog!

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  19. Very beautiful! Great post and blog you have!

  20. Amazing post!
    Cool pics

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  22. omg congrats you totally deserve it!

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  23. Great post. Love your dress also, you look lovely :)


  24. You look great and have wonderful job! <3

  25. Love it, great dress

  26. Amazing photos honey! I'm following u now on GFC, hope u follow back :)

  27. ah, my favorite thing here is the velvet pants and jacket combo! so cute!

    lindsey louise

  28. Wow, this blog post is so so inspiring! I would love to work in the fashion industry too; maybe one day I'll get the chance as you have :) Wish you all the best at this job!


  29. so pretty ! great post ramida, your story is very inspiring especially to those who are pursuing fashion as their career :)

  30. Wow your job sounds amazing! Really adore your dress :)

    Love Bodil,

  31. amazing bags! great event..:)following you now , hope you follow back..:) kisses:*)

  32. Great photos and wow, what a great story into how you started your position at DVF! Hard work pays off as they say :) Well done :) xx

  33. amazing post dear

    Bella B.

  34. I think you were totally right not to lose focus, this post was super inspiring :)
    AND you look absolutely stunning! :)


  35. Wow! P' B! You come such a long way kaa! I am so happy for you and definitely respect people who work hard for what they want in the RIGHT way like you! This is such an inspirational post, as I have a big passion to catch too! Hopefully 'one day' we will be able to sit down, have lunch and talk about our journeys! I look up to you, you're superb! <3

    Sending lots of love,

    Boonya -

  36. Thank you for all of your lovely comments!
    I really appreciate it!

  37. I really love your blog!
    Dolorès :)

  38. I also work in the fashion industry, and I work for a clothing brand here in Tokyo full time as well while trying to update my blog regularly.. I have to agree with you, it's hard! but also very rewarding. I'm glad you didn't give up. Good luck with all of your work :)

  39. I am so impressed with how you stuck to your guns and really didn't give up till getting this current job.

  40. so beautiful dress!

  41. nice post! *o*
    Happy New Year!
    follow? :))