Friday, March 15, 2013

New in My Wardrobe

I recently went shopping at Talad Nad Rod Fai for the first time! It is an antique and vintage lover's Haven on Earth! I bought many unique cool clothes, and most importantly, I got them at reasonable price!  I really am so happy with what I got that I have to share them to you! 

 This first one is Baroque Wrap top. I got it for 80 baht/ 1.75 pounds . There are 2 words for this top "Cheap" & "Chic"

 A small plaid wide leg trouser cost me only 200 baht/ 4 pounds. It's really hard to find this cool 70's inspired trouser nowadays. This one is just right!

 It's refreshing to see this pretty coral colour and the unique tribal pattern on the jacket. Absolutely love it <3 The Tribal Jacket is 360 baht/ 7.50 pounds.

 What should I say?! This Vivid floral blazer had me at first glance ;P This Big Bold Floral Blazer cost 350 baht/ 7 pounds, not so bag yeah?!

Boater Hat 250 baht/ 5 pounds. I once owned this similar boater hat, but I lost it in UK and did not get a chance to buy a new one. So when I saw this boater hat in the shop, I couldn't resist buying it since it's kindda cheap and nice :) You know how much I love hats! Do you?!

Here come the last piece! a 200 baht/4 pounds Vintage Dress. This burn red vintage dress fits me like a grove. The shape, length, and colour of the dress. Everything is perfect! Just exactly how I like it to be!

Haven't I had quite a productive shopping night?!
Have a nice weekend!

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