Monday, June 2, 2014

The Taste of Korean

Me in Korean Traditional costume "Hanbok"
 Hi guys! This is the last post of my Korea trip!
No one can deny that experiencing good local food made anyone's trip even more perfect! This blog post, I'll be sharing you all about Korean food I've tried during my South Korea trip! 
Though, I've been to South Korea so many times, I never really had a chance to make a Kimchi. It's great that this time I finally got to do it! (Happy). We went to this place called "Kimchi Land" this is pretty much like a cooking class. The instructor was giving us a quick lesson about history of kimchi, ingredients and instructions. Then we're all get to make our own kimchi, rubbing fermented chili paste all over the cabbage. I didn't really like the taste of Kimchi at first, but started to like it now!
Bibimbap is korean mixed rice usually consist of your choices of meat or seafood, raw egg, seasoned vegetable, and topped with dried seaweed and spicy chili paste. 
Jimdak is one of my favourite Korean dish! It's a chicken with potatoes, mushroom, and Korean style grass noodles in a dark mild seasoned soup. Yum ;P
Samgyetang or Korean ginseng chicken soup. A Chicken stuffed with ginseng and rice. This is a very healthy dish. Koreans usually eat it when they are sick and many of them love to eat it as it helps prevent sickness. However, there're lots of people I know hate this chicken soup because it tasteless. So if you're planning to try this chicken soup, you might want to add sesame oil and salt ;)
A BBQ Buffet. All you can eat! So many kinds of marinated meats and side dishes. I've tried pretty much everything! 
Dak Galbi originated in Chuncheon city. Some people called it Chuncheon Dak Galbi. It is a mixture of a chunky chopped marinated chicken, cabbage, ricecake, onion and chili paste. Ingredients are all prepared in a giant hot pan. 
As you can see, we've turned this into fried rice Dak Galbi by adding an extra rice. FYI: Thais eat rice with pretty much everything! The best bit of fried rice is the crunchy part that stuck at the very bottom of the pan!
Bulgogi hotpot is pretty similar to other hotpot but this one they add korean style flavorful marinated pork or what Koreans called "Bulgogi". You could also have it grilled, but I personally prefer to have my Bulgogi boiled in a hotpot with lots of vegetables. It's healthier!
 This might sounds strange but my all time favourite korean food are these side dishes. Korean seasoned veggies like kimchi, seaweeds, bean sprouts, dried anchovy, spinach, sweetp otatoes and more. If you have been to Korea and tried their food, you would probably know that Korean veggies are so fresh with a little sweet! I can eat them everyday without getting bored!
Korean street food is not to be missed! Tteokbokki or rice cakes with red spicy chili paste sounds a little too conventional for korean street food. This time I've tried this new menu a "Cup Toast". It's a pan grilled buttery toast with ham, cheese, egg and onion. I gave it 10 out of 10 for the taste. It's definitely my guilty pleasure, very very yummy but so fattening! Anyway, I didn't eat this everyday okay! So there's nothing wrong to try something like this once in a while!

And that's a wrap for my Korea trip! See you all next post. Have a great night!

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  1. oh i have always loved the tradition of Korean! these pics make me drool <3

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  7. Ginseng chicken soup is delicious any time. I could eat it every day

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  8. Awesome post! I love all of these foods, although I was a bit surprised you didn't mention Kimbap!

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  10. Amazing pictures! It looks like you had a nice time there ;)


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  16. Your trip looks like it was amazing!

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  18. that looks very interesting (and very yummy!) :)
    i definitely have to do some cooking again soon, really neglected that in the past weeks

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  20. It looks delicious :P <3 you look great !

  21. These are great pictures it sounds like such a fun trip!!

  22. Mmmmmm, delicious! I'm kicking myself since my teaching contract in Korea fell through last spring! I missed out on all of this delicious food!

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  23. I was there making kimchi as well! Korea is always so much fun, I loved reading your post :) x

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