Sunday, May 29, 2016

Taipei Journal III: East District/Zhongxiao Dunhua + VVG Something

East District or Zhongxiao Dunhua Shopping Area
MRT Station: Zhongxiao Dunhua

East district of Taipei is another shopping center and a cool hangout spots for "Hipsters and locals". Main road fills with international retail stores like Zara and Uniqlo, but the main things to discover here are independent local bars, cool restaurants, cafe, and chic fashion and lifestyle boutiques with beautiful architecture and window displays along the alleys of Zhongxiao East road. Most of the stores in this area open in the afternoon till very late at night. 

Zhongxiao shopping street is very easy to walk around. If you are into exploring stylish local vibe, great shopping scenes, and cafe hopping you will love this area. I would recommend to spend the whole afternoon here. This area is similar to Thonglor in Bangkok and less crowded than Ximending district another main shopping center in Taipei, usually packed with youth and tourists.

Also, it is a home to several VVG branches. What is VVG Group? It is a well-established Taiwanese lifestyle retails focusing on creating a good relaxing lifestyle. VVG consists of VVG Bistro, VVG Something, VVG Thinking, VVG Chiffon, VVG Action, and VVG Pride. Each of these branches has its own individual concept, offering different products such as books, clothes, stationery, toys, food, dessert with a mix of vintage and designer's pieces. Great spots to get inspired.

Address: #13, Alley 40, Lane 181, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da'an District, Taipei City
Operating hours: 12 - 9 PM
Another branch of Very, Very Good or better known as VVG Group. VVG something is a small book shop with iconic red wooden door, bicycle, and beautiful plants at the entrance. It is not a usual book shops that offer all kind of books. Instead, VVG Something offers art, craft, cooking, design, and fashion books. Further, it brims with unique vintage and well curated items from designers around the world, displayed in a cozy and lovely atmosphere. This place is a perfect spot for not only book lovers but people who cherish unique or rare items with the story behind them.
VVG something is located on a quiet alley of East rd. You will also find VVG BistroVVG Chiffon, and the most recent branch VVG Pride has recently opened on 2016.05.28 just steps away across the road. 
Trendy boutiques along the alley
View of Taipei skyscrapers from Elephant Mountain
Outfit Details

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Taipei Journal II: Huashan 1914 Creative Park + VVG Thinking

This Taipei Journal II is taking you to the artsy side of Taipei
Huashan 1914 Creative Park 
Originally a winery, it has been converted into Taiwan main art and culture hub in 2005. Huashan 1914 creative park is one of the most important event spaces for art installations, concerts, performances, workshops, and other cultural activities. Also, there're many nice cafes and restaurants making it a popular urban lifestyle destination for people of all ages.
MRT: ZhongXiao Xinsheng take Exit 1, and walk 3 minutes.
Admission fee: Free
Operating hours: 9.30 AM - 9 PM (Daily)
One of many exhibit venues.
Outfit Details
Lovely installation 
You will find tons of great creations from the edgiest Taiwanese artists and designers in many different places of the Huashan 1941 creative park.
It's located in red brick building area in Huashan 1914 creative Park. VVG Thinking is a 2 stories restaurant/lifestyle shop with cool industrial factory yet cozy ambiance owned by VVG company. 1st floor is a beautiful dining space. 2nd floor is a quirky loft area filled with selected worldwide designer products, books, home decorations, stationary, kitchenware and many more. I would say this is my favorite spot of VVG since it has so many things to offer and the staffs are very friendly and welcoming
Operating hours: 12 - 9 PM
Very nice Milk tea
Chocolate Marshmallow cake served with ice-cream 
A gift shop where you can explore and buy local designers and artists products.

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